Welcome to TVR CIRCLE!

Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation

Continuous Improvement of Rehabilitation Counselors, Leaders, and Educators

The goal of the program is to establish a training and technical assistance centertosupport Tribal VR Programs and staff developmentto improve the provision of VR services and employment outcomes for American Indian/Alaska Natives with disabilities.  TVR CIRCLE will provide culturally appropriate training and technical assistance for TVR Programs that request TVR CIRCLE services.

The Consortia of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation (CANAR) administers this TA and Training program with Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) training funds to support Tribal VR Program TA and Training needs. 

The TVR CIRCLE website is designed to expand resources available to AIVRS directors, program staff, and TVR CIRCLE TA.

The focus of the TVR CIRCLE Program is to develop and provide an integrated program of technical assistance, organizational development, and educational training activities, based on a comprehensive needs assessment process, delivered using a variety of TA and Training approaches focused on the particular needs of the Tribal VR Program requesting services.  TA and Training will address objectives in three areas of focus:

Organizational Change and Development: Assisting tribal VR organizations in 1) Researching and developing strategies to address issues that require organizational change in order to improve the culturally appropriate VR services provided to people with disabilities; 2) Planning and implementing an effective plan of action, and 3) developing methods of evaluation that are culturally appropriate and address program regulations and policies.

Human Resource Development: Assisting Tribal VR program staff in developing skills and knowledge that enable them to provide high-quality vocational services to Native Americans with disabilities served by Tribal VR by engaging in effective rehabilitation administration practices and building a foundation of information, values, and experience that will enable all Tribal rehabilitation practitioners to better serve and support American Indians/Alaska Natives with disabilities in a culturally appropriate manner.

Leadership Development: Developing current and future leaders in Tribal VR programs.

NOTE: Please see contact link to request TA from the TVR CIRCLE Program.